The 7 Most Populated Cities in the World

Do you know the world's seven most populated cities? You probably didn't know these interesting facts about these cities either.


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Why An API Is The Best Way To Pull Data From Any Website

Are you wondering what kind of tool you need to get more comprehensive databases? Then, you should read to the end because here we will tell you why an API is the best way to pull data from any website!

As you may already know, a website accumulates a lot of information that, at first glance, is simply not visible. To extract it you must use a tool and here we recommend a website categorization API.

Why? Website categorization APIs are ideal to improve the data enrichment process and to complete your databases with information about your leads that cannot be found when they fill in a Google Forms.

For example, a website categorization API, also called company data APIs, allows you to know where each click on your site comes from, where in the world and at what time. Data about how much traffic your site has gotten can also be provided by these intelligent software programs, as well as how your visitors have reacted to your content.

Age, gender, place of residence and many other items can be obtained if you use a website categorization API. But that’s not all, as you can also get information from a URL of your competitors, for example. Industry type, size, logo, social media links are just some of the data you can extract to get to know your competitors better.

Finally, a website categorization API will also allow you to know if the content of a site is safe or not, according to its structure and content. Therefore, you can implement one of them to make sure that your site is as safe and reliable as possible for your leads.

Nowadays, many of these APIs are available on the market, but here we will introduce you to the one we consider to be the easiest to use and the most accurate: Klazify.

Without needing to sign up for a plan, you can use the platform for 100 API requests per month to test it out. As a result, it provides a Logo API to extract the logo of any company as well as a social network link scraper with no request/second limit.

Klazify features a simple user interface and responds quickly. To access business information from any website, just follow these simple steps:

We have already told you why an API is the best way to pull data from a website and presented to you the best website categorization API available in 2022. Give it a tery and prove it by yourself!

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