Eat that frog with a pomodoro

I had to write three blog posts so I did my work with a pomodoro technique. I set a timer to ring after 45 minutes . I started writing blog post. As I began my work ,one thing dominated in my mind…


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Change the World Tonight

Have you ever pondered how you can change the world from the comfort of your home? Well, look no further because now you too can use your computer and some data science magic to do just that.

Using just six lines of code can get us very close to the top score:

The top score on Kaggle is around 0.82 accuracy. Our RandomForestClassifier got us a 0.80 on independent held-out validation data.

Quantity is clearly the most important feature. Let’s see what impact it has on water-pump class predictions:

Assuming quantity is not correlated with any of the other variables, the above partial dependence shows that quantity is able differentiate on water pump functionality. Is the independence assumption reasonable?

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