Love and Basketball

Love is a funny thing. The things people do for love, the extremes we go to capture it to feel a sense of fulfillment in return, can often be viewed as crazy. Especially loving something that doesn’t…


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Eat that frog with a pomodoro

Project 3

I had to write three blog posts so I did my work with a pomodoro technique. I set a timer to ring after 45 minutes . I started writing blog post. As I began my work ,one thing dominated in my mind that I had to complete the work before the timer rang. I felt that my brain was receiving some vibes to complete the work on time . I completed first blog writing in first 42 minutes. Then I waited for alarm to ring . I took 5 minutes brake . Again I set the timer and started writing second blog , this time I was little relax to get the work done on time but I got late 5 minutes.Again I took 5 minutes brake and relax myself this time I decided to do work a little fast than before. I again set the timer for 45 minutes , I began to write a third blog post , this time I was in hurry , I got 3rd blog done exactly in 44 minutes . I again made me excited.

We are practicing pomodoro technique even in our in person sessions . Our PM set the timer and ask the students to complete assigned activity in the given time .


I experienced one thing in applying pomodoro technique, I was in quite hurry , did the things very quickly , I deeply focus on completing the tasks on time. During applying this , one distraction poped up in my mind at 12o’clock that was to send some text messages to my friends that I did. I again came back to my work. I felt this technique useful , as it kept me focused and quick. In third attempt , I noticed time again and again and cut short my work just to finish it on time.

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