Documentation is a big part of diversity and inclusion

I was able to attend MongoDB World this year, thanks to a generous scholarship from Mongo. I was very impressed by all of the new features released, and the variety of talks scheduled throughout the…


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Who sets your limitations?

Who sets your limitations on how you see yourself and what you think you could be doing?

Is it race? Gender? The family you were born into? The culture or country you live in? The opportunities presented to you? Your health?

Have society and the establishment conditioned you from a young age to ‘know your place’ and stay within your box? To not follow your dreams no matter how improbable they may seem? To not smash through the ceilings other may set for you?

All these may well have some bearing. At the same time, there are many examples of people who have overcome a host of obstacles to pursue their dreams and live their purpose.

Time to embrace the positivity. Open your mind. Be willing to dream. Look outside the boundaries of your existence. Say bye bye to naysayers, fear and doubt. And get hustling.

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