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Today ought to mark the watershed moment. I caught my ex-wife and her paramour red handed. She wasn’t expecting it, I suppose. Her face became red as I was walking the daughter and her to her paramour’s car. The car was parked strategically — in the shadows of a truck, so no one can see. Alas, you have the eyes of a detective on you buddy. You can’t fool around with me. He couldn’t face me. He might have pissed in his pants for all you know seeing me. I tried to wave to him. All he could was hide his face. Good for him. When they boarded the car, he sped away. I don’t know his feelings. I only can imagine my ex-wife’s feelings — deeply ashamed, deeply fearful. She was caught between her past and her future exactly like in a vice grip. Good for her. As we were walking, she asked I can go back. I said no, I want to come. I told her “You were saying, you want to face the consequences of your actions. Face it now”, I barked. If there was a provocation, I don’t know what would have happened. They didn’t provoke me. I kept a brave face, and waved at my daughter seemingly happily. I was not sad. I felt vindicated. This is precisely what I had been telling everybody, including her folks, including herself. This is precisely why she had left me. She was making up all sorts of stories. All of them crumbled in one go today. This was a grand finale of sorts.

She must be hatching her next move. I don’t know — I suppose she would want to get back at me. She may again be entertaining the idea of filing criminal charges against me. But, for what this time? That I caught her and her paramour red handed. Come on. I don’t know what she will do. I have to wait and watch till tomorrow. For sure, she will be seething, seething for doing what I did today, and not allowing her to get away with what she was engaged in easily. I threw her out. If there was a lesser human involved, maybe they would have not found out, or maybe tolerated the nonsense. Sorry, that didn’t happen with me. I wish her well, still. I am only glad I stripped off the mask she was wearing. Now, don’t ever, ever again tell me there was nothing between you two. Please, don’t.

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