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Cryptocurrency as Financial Solution in a War Context

Orlando, FL — October 17, 2017

If there is any chance that the USA involves in any war, cryptocurrency are a Financial Solution, because they are way much safer than fiat currencies, starting with how it works.

Cryptocurrencies works because of the blockchain. The blockchain is a decentralized Public Ledger working in a Peer to Peer (P2P) basis, which means, that it is a distributed application downloaded and run in thousands of computers, such as Spotify and BitTorrent does. Hence, the blockchain in which cryptocurrencies works can´t be shut down.

This article is focus in explaining the advantages of the Blockchain vs the traditional banking system. In the following paragraphs I mention some of the main differences.

Banks are necessary, they really are. The have made many good things for society, nurturing the market, giving access for financial opportunities to all. Unfortunately, the banking system has shown us the danger they represent to our economy, lending more money than their customers physically deposit. If people try to withdraw their money back, the bank will probably collapse and leave everybody on the street.

A Cryptocurrency Exchange can´t go to bankruptcy for many reasons, the most important ones are:

Also, traditional banking has physical assets that might be destroyed during strikes, riots, insurrection, war, military, or national emergencies, natural disasters and fire, not to mention the bills they guard in their vault. So, it is necessary when opening a bank account to agree in the terms and conditions that the bank “shall not be liable to the customer nor to any third party for failure to execute any transfer or perform a related act if such a failure is due to causes or conditions beyond their reasonable control,”

Mercury Cash Customers just might be affected when they have internet limitations. That´s why Mercury Cash terms and conditions ask their customers to agree about Mercury Cash not being liable “for delays, failure in performance or interruption of service which result directly or indirectly from any cause or condition beyond our reasonable control”. This means, Mercury Cash worries are not about performing transactions in the blockchain, but with its customers access to internet. But this is going to change when allowing satellite transactions in a few days.

If there is no internet, it means FIAT currencies doesn´t work neither. Unless governments decided to full up entire airplanes with all the necessary bills. However, Mercury Cash is about to install the first Ethereum Node in a satellite, which means that no internet would be necessary.

If you are new with this topic, you might think that still would be better having a bank account and credit or debit card to make payments, and you might be right. However, cryptocurrencies are being used more and more. You´ll get impressed about how many websites and even physical stores accept cryptocurrencies as a way of payment.

Payments with your Mercury Cash Ethereum wallet will soon be possible in many stores using the NFC Technology.

Of course, cryptocurrency Industry doesn´t have many development and financial solutions as traditional bank has. But remember this is a seven years old industry. And everyone is right now in a research and development stage.

Today, everyone can open a cryptocurrency account just by using a smartphone (something impossible to do with traditional banks), and sooner than you think, new technologies and services will be launched, placing the Cryptocurrency as financial solution in a war context.

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