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A New Way To Earn Money On Medium Could Be Coming Our Way


And it could be a game changer

Back when I first started writing on the Medium Partner Program (MPP), claps were the way a writer would earn money from their articles. You know, the clapping icon where you can clap anywhere between 1 to 50 times? Yes, those claps.

How it worked was that Medium would average out the number of claps a paying member would give out every single month and distribute the $5 monthly fee accordingly.

Then around October 2019, that changed to reading time. The more hours paying members spend reading your articles, the more money you could potentially earn. Again, Medium would average out the number of hours a paying member would normally spend reading in a month and distribute the $5 fee accordingly.

And that has been the way writers have been making money from their articles up until today.

But maybe, just maybe, there could be a new way to earn money on the platform and if it’s true, it could change the way people write and read (or hear) from here on.

At the start of the year, I noticed something different with my Medium layout when I’m reading articles — be it my own or that of others. There was a new feature that popped up on my reading pages and I remember reading something about it from the Medium bosses themselves.

screenshot by author

If you look at the red circle in the image above, it says that you can listen to the article instead of reading it. I remember reading about Medium acquiring a company or software that enables them to do so.

And it’s also something that Warren Shareffer wrote about, where they are testing audio on Medium, which you can read from the link below.

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